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Modular Commercial Diver Training

Customers request flexibility

Since we started offering Commercial Diver Training on the Faroe Islands we have noticed a substantial growth in number of requests, especially from Commercial customers, for customized training program-schedules. The reason for this is that it is vital for Commercial customers to minimize time, staff are spending away from home and job. When staff are away from their job a replacement is most likely needed at the workplace. Also the expenses that are connected to travel, accommodation, food and course fees are not to be disregarded, in a commercial operation. To help our customers we have introduced special schedule-options where they have access to several options in regards to training schedules.

Modular training model

At Faroe Dive Sp/f we have opted for a modular approach to commercial diver training. In this way both commercial and private customers have the option, in cooperation with the Dive School management team, to plan their training schedule that is best suited to their needs and wishes. Several of our customers have chosen to arrange their training in three modules. Their first module is the theoretical module. This can be accomplished and conducted as evening classes in our online class-room. The advantage of this approach is that it saves time when divers are conducting practical diver training and also reduces time they are required to spend away from their job and home. Regarding the practical portion of training many customers choose to organize this section into two modules of about two week each. This option is off course depending on which level of training divers are pursuing. Different diver-training programs have different program-lengths. Please contact us for more options and info regarding customized training schedules, best suited to your company´s needs and wishes

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